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   Since the establishment of OPAL HORTICULTURE CO., LTD. in 1987, which is a family business and could be regarded as a "Thai-German joint venture", we have been exporting horticultural products, mostly live plants, around the world. In 1990 a 'then' potential customer from Holland introduced us to the growing of waterlilies and other aquatic plants. Now we have a vast aquatic nursery growing hardy waterlilies and a variety of aquatic and marginal plants.

   Though the business of aquatic plants has become very important to us, now amounting to about 30% of our turn-over, we are also very much engaged in exporting other ornamental plants for gardening and landscaping. Because of the large variety of plants available in Thailand, we do not grow them on our own but, on receiving an order, purchase them on the local market (from nurseries specializing in particular species), treat them for export and ship them.


If you like to learn more about how we treat and pack plants for export, please click the button below.

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